All Related

We decided to call our band All Related for several reasons; the first being the fact that the members consist of two brothers and their cousin. But there is a broader meaning too, one to do with the kind of music we want to make.

In our culture, music has more and more become a thing for the professionals; the pop stars and celebrities screamed for by thousands of fans. It isn’t as common for people to make music simply to play with friends and family for the fun of it. Instead, we spend most of our time being entertained by what others have created. But it doesn’t have to be this way.

That’s why we’ve started this blog, as a place to share new songs in their raw, newly created form, documenting the creative process, mistakes and all to show that musicians are not  (and should not) be raised on some pedestal above everyone else. We all have the same worth inside us no matter what we do, and just like everyone else musicians have a special gift to offer. The gift of song, which perhaps more than anything else, in a unique way is able to unite people in one voice.

While we would love to record an album some day (after a lot more hard work), for us that is not the end goal. Instead it is our hope that some of these songs might touch you and inspire you to use your own talents for the service of others. And to any musicians among you, this is not an exclusive group of just the three of us. We would absolutely love to collaborate with you in any way possible, be it vocals, lyric writing or instrumentation.

As we’re making this music for you, we’d love some feedback. Tell us what you like, what you don’t, what you think we could do better. It is our hope that with your help, we can create some fun and memorable songs. We hope to hear you singing along soon  🙂