Under This Sun – Live Performance

Under This Sun is one of the most personal songs I have ever written. I wrote it last year in my dorm room during my first year of uni, a few months after my Grandad had passed away. It’s basically a love story from the altar to the grave, and a picture of what true love is. Love which endures over a lifetime, through the good times and the bad. Some of the details are fictional, but the majority of it is inspired by my grandparents on both sides of my family, who are some of the best examples of this life-long commitment that I have witnessed. So while it’s a celebration of life and love it also have a very emotional and personal connection to myself and my family.

This performance is by no means perfect. We hit a few wrong notes and I forgot the words at the start of the bridge, but in a way it’s kind of like life and love. The way we live and the way we love are never gonna be perfect, in fact most of the time there’s a lot of dissonance and mistakes; but instead of giving up, the most important thing we can do is push on through the wrong notes and keep on signing till the end.



Under This Sun


Standing at the altar

waiting for her to arrive

he remembers the first time he saw her smile

a spark that lit up the dark inside of his world


He was kinda shy

so it took him quite a while

just to tell her what he thought about her

a country boy and girl, ready to take on the world together


And he remembers the night

when he put away his fear

got down on one knee and offered her all of him

in the palm of his hand, a promise that would last forever


Looking in her eyes

as she smiled and took his hand

and promised to stay by his side her whole life

the words welled up inside of his chest


On the days when you feel you can fly

I’ll take you to the sky with me

and on the nights when you’re too tired to cry

I will hold you while you sleep

And all that we go through

our whole lives

we’ll face it all together

you and I

This bond won’t break

because our hearts are one

We’ll never part under this sun



Standing by her bed

in the hospital room

holding their sixth baby in his arms

he felt like their love, had remade the world once again


The kids grew up

And started families of their own

They had the grandkids around, as they grew old

And in the simple things he did, every day he was still telling her





60 years from their wedding

Lying in his bed

Waiting for death to steal his last breath

she was sitting by his side, saying dear it’s alright to let go


He asked her to forgive him

For the wrong that he had done

She said it’s ok, the past is gone

And though he couldn’t find the words

His soul cried out to her one last time